Sunday, August 01, 2010

Movies, pearls, and tents

I hope you had a nice quiet weekend.

I had a lovely weekend where lots of uneventful stuff happened, which I consider to be better than nothing happening, and much better than stressful events happening.

On Friday we went to eat at a cheap Malaysian restaurant that had Pearl Tea. I haven't had pearl tea (boba) in a while, and this was the first place I'd come across in Edinburgh that served it so that was exciting. I also picked up my knitting again. I didn't get much done - only picked up some stitches around an armhole - but hey, it's something.

On Saturday we looked at some art at a gallery and on the way we saw a film shoot. We had nothing better to do, so us and like 50 other people stood around and watched these poor actors (I don't think they're famous) running up and down the stairs for like 15 minutes. The stage hands seemed quite amused that such a large crowd had formed.
The city is also getting much more crowded! The fringe festival is next week and tents are popping up everywhere, including a block really near to my house!

The flyers outside are for a circus, so I guess it's a temporary circus tent!

In the upcoming weeks you can probably expect lots of photos of crowds and blog posts where I whinge about being jostled and elbowed as I try to cope with sharing Edinburgh with an extra 400,000 people! It better be worth it ...


  1. So funny about the film shoot, given that they are routine here in LA! In Baltimore a crowd would always gather where Homicide: Life in the Streets was being filmed, since hardly anything got filmed there except John Waters and Barry Levinson movies (although that's changed a bit). Will you get to go to the Fringe Festival? 400k people seems a bit too many to be considered "fringe".

  2. You called your day uneventful. Sounds like it was anything but!!! You had all kinds of stuff happening! Hubby and I had our 28th wedding anniversary this past weekend and we....took lots of naps. That's what I call uneventful! :-)

  3. Suzanne - I still don't know what I'm going to see, but we'll probably see a bunch of stuff. There's quite a few free events. Apparently there are events outside the fringe festival too, but don't think they are calling it Fringe fringe festival.

    Poetess - Well, if we saw, say, David Tennant filming a movie, that I might be willing to call an event. Happy anniversary! Sounds like a relaxing day :)

  4. Ohh wow looks exciting I wonder what the film was. I've never been to the Fringe even when I lived in Scotland! Terrible I know, I'll get round to it one of these days.