Monday, July 27, 2009

Moved on to socks

Finally dyed that sock yarn I got last week.
It's using logwood. Not sure if you can tell from this pic but there's very subtle color variations. Sadly I don't have a ball winder, so it took forever to wind this purple guy. I'm not sure what I'll make with it, socks no doubt. Sadly I don't have Cookie A's sock book, and I probably can't wait until Christmas (I'm assuming someone will buy me the book) to make something out of it, but that does mean I get to have fun browsing patterns on ravelry.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ready for its close-up

My first plant-dyed multicolored skein is dry, and ready for its close-up.

hand dyed yarn

It came out pretty good I think. I tried something different this time, and it came out not quite as felted as my other skeins, but a bit thicker and not as soft as its pre-dyed self. The yarn is a single ply, which I think is why it fulls so easily (but sadly it's the only undyed yarn I've seen in my town). Sooo, as a birthday present for myself (b-day was yesterday, and the package came yesterday!) I bought undyed sock yarn.

I'll be brewing the first one tomorrow. Fingers crossed it doesn't felt.

As part of my birthday celebration J and I made Chocolate Lava Cake.
Chocolate Lava Cake
Really it's more like Gooey Chocolaty cupcakes, but it was really good.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Half Amused

Nearly done with the body of Jessamy's sweater. It fits much, much better now that I've tinked and reknit nearly all of it. I have half an inch of stockinette stitch left, then it's a bit of ribbing, sleeves, and collar. Yay.
Half Amused

Thursday, July 16, 2009

It is green!

My green yarn is very nearly dry.
Turns out yellow and purple do make a green!

It's an unusual color, but I'm quite happy it didn't turn out to be a color only a mother would love.

And here is purple again. I don't think I showed off the purple enough in the last post.

Only thing is, they are all slightly felted to far. Still knittable, just that the skeins are a little thicker, and well, felted. Going to see if I can find some undyed superwash ...

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And that's supposed to be green?

The day started off with some yummy strawberry muffins.

And ended with this:

It was supposed to be green. Or at least that's what the natural dye book told me would happen when I mixed Tumeric and Logwood. And I guess it is technically green, just totally not my idea of an ideal green.

For some reason I thought I would dye the yarn half yellow/half green, though now that I think about it there's not very many half and half skeins out there. The half "green" yarn wasn't looking very good, especially in contrast to the very nice yellow. So in a hasty decision I threw (or rather very gently placed) the whole skein in the pot, and you've already seen the outcome of that.

Here is the original yellow (using tumeric).
And this is the logwood I dyed last night. Perty, isn't it.
We shall see what the green yarn looks like after I rinse it, maybe some magic will happen.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Are you following me?

Look, a new widget! In a great show of confidence I've added Blogger's Following widget, so now I can find out who reads my blog confirm that I really am just blogging for my own amusement.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Pot of gold

Last week I finally decided to stop being such a miser and fork over some money for something fun - equipment so I can start dyeing yarn again! Even though I'm going to only be working with "natural" (an odd phrase) substances I still needed new pots colanders, etc, since you're not supposed to use equipment that will also be used for cooking since natural doesn't always mean safe or nontoxic.

I had done some dyeing a few years ago, in the good old yarn store days, but hadn't done any fun experiments since moving to England.

Here the tumeric is brewin'.
And one of the finished outcomes.

This is English Ivy, not at all what I expected. It's a very subtle color. I'm not even sure how to describe the color. Butter? Tan? I think I'll just stick to calling it "pretty".
Butter yarn

Tomorrow I'll be trying out logwood (had to purchase that dye), which in theory will result in a blue, and then with the exhaust dye I'll be overdyeing two of the tumeric skeins and, possibly(?), make a green! I can't wait!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Not the wall, but still pretty

I seemed to have hurt my left big toe on last week's walk, so there's been no long walks for us lately. Plus the scattered showers would have made them pretty miserable. So today we decided to take a short walk in Jesmond Dene, a park about a 20 minute bus ride from us.

This is St Mary's Chapel, built in the 17th century.
Supposedly there was a well very nearby where it's said that Jesus performed a miracle in the 1200s, and was later a pilgrimage site. But we couldn't find it! So we went off to the main park.

A old water mill, used for grinding corn in the 1700s.

At the foot of the park was "Pet's Corner". A bizarre mix of zoo zoo and petting zoo. It's free, so the animals consisted of ducks, sheep, goats, very smelly pigs, birds (like Budgies), a peacock, and lots and lots of chickens.
My toe didn't bother me at all during the walk, so we'll be walking in Hadrian's Wall county during the next (assuming there will be one) full day of sun.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Happy 4th!

I kept forgetting today was 4th of July! Usually at home the illegal fireworks would have started last week, and culminating in a very loud day today. Mostly though my only reminders that it was the 4th was the "happy 4th!" messages on twitter.

Although did have a culinary treat today for dinner.
Jessamy had actually made the dough last night, and had let it rise in the fridge overnight (a user comment on the recipe said it was better that way).

We also watched Serena vs Venus today. I have no idea how tennis is scored, but just thinking about how messed up the situation was kept me entertained. The announcers mentioned that this was the third time that they have had two US finalists play on the 4th of July.
I'm still reading El Hobbit. Actually, I'm reading El Hobbit and The Hobbit at the same time. I don't know if my understanding of conjugation is getting better (actually I do know, it isn't getting better), but I am learning some new nouns, like capuchon (hood). Of course this also means it's going to take me twice as long to read the book than if I just read one or the other. I'm just hoping I can keep renewing it from the library...

I'm more than halfway done with Jessamy's sweater. Only there's a slight problem. It's still too big! So really it just makes her look, well, large. Not good... So tomorrow I'll be ripping most of it out (to a few inches above the armpit) and reknitting. I'd rather reknit it so she can wear it at least once than have it never be worn at all.