Tuesday, July 14, 2009

And that's supposed to be green?

The day started off with some yummy strawberry muffins.

And ended with this:

It was supposed to be green. Or at least that's what the natural dye book told me would happen when I mixed Tumeric and Logwood. And I guess it is technically green, just totally not my idea of an ideal green.

For some reason I thought I would dye the yarn half yellow/half green, though now that I think about it there's not very many half and half skeins out there. The half "green" yarn wasn't looking very good, especially in contrast to the very nice yellow. So in a hasty decision I threw (or rather very gently placed) the whole skein in the pot, and you've already seen the outcome of that.

Here is the original yellow (using tumeric).
And this is the logwood I dyed last night. Perty, isn't it.
We shall see what the green yarn looks like after I rinse it, maybe some magic will happen.


  1. The purple one is very pretty! Maybe the green one will look more green when it dries?

  2. I like the purple one too. Hard to believe it was originally from a tree.

    The green one does look much better now that it's dryed!

  3. I love that purple colour, so pretty!

  4. WOW Those strawberry muffins look SOOO GOOD. I also love the colors you've got going~ Beautiful photos!