Saturday, April 25, 2009

Small and purple

Managed to mostly stay away from the internet during the past few days, so I've had a little more time to read and knit. I'm at page 282 of The Concise Pepys, which I've been reading for a while now.

Also during the past two days I've finished baby booties for my step-cousin, due in the end of May.

Baby Bootie

I'm happy with it, and I like the buttons.
The pattern is from
Yarn is Rowan milk cotton DK

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The wait is over

Guess what I saw last night.
Waiting for Godot with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart!

Last year I had actually googled both the actors to see if they were going to be in any play. I think Patrick Stewart was doing a play I couldn't see for some reason, McKellen wasn't doing anything at the time. Then, about 6 months ago I searched again, and read the rumour that they were going to do this play! I was entirely prepared to take a special trip to London to see it, but fortunately they were doing a tour first before ending up in London, so I was able to see it here in Newcastle.

Ian McKellen was perfect and brilliant of course. Stewart's performance didn't quite seem right, and Jessamy agreed, but that simply just means that he was just really good. But this is the guy who can make the word "Engage" sound powerful, so maybe it was just an off night. Or, possibly, maybe it's just us and we misread his Vladimir.

Pozzo and Lucky were good. I had always envisioned Lucky as being catatonic, but Ronald Pickup played him as simply just old, with lots of sighing.

Except for maybe Skellig I think it was the youngest crowd I've seen in a play. The balcony I was in was almost all twenty or so year olds.

Sunday, April 19, 2009


1. Ferry was through DFDS
2. Pancakes were from Sarah's Pancakes
3. Kaashandel cheese store
4. Us in front of the Rijksmuseum
5. Indonesian restaurant, in the red light district
6. Flowers at Keukenhof
7. Racoon, also at Keukenhof

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Grilled Cheeseyness

Despite a forecast of 8 degrees Celcius and the fact that Jessamy is getting over a flu, as of yesterday we were still planning to go to a gathering at Morpeth because Jessamy really wanted to see Morris Dancers. Only this morning we couldn't actually bring ourselves to actually get up at 7:30 am when the alarm went off.

So around lunch time we did the next best thing. Seeing as this month is grilled cheese month we made grilled cheese sandwiches with an iron! Monkey's instructions did not include flattening the sandwich with the iron, but I couldn't help myself.




Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I'm back!

The Netherlands was lovely. I'll post pics soon, but in the meantime here's two knitting related pictures of the trip.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Love felt!

Just found out about an interesting new project.

This is from an email:

www.FeltUnited. com
Felt - intertwined, bound together, forever as one... United
Felt United is in the process of creating a two stage exhibit with the collaboration of felters from around the globe.
Felt United - October 3rd, 2009
Felters around the globe will join together displaying their felt.
In the cities, in the country and on the mountaintops.
The theme.. COLOUR - for 2009 a slice of the colour wheel - yellow through red.


An application will be made available online in the near future.
Plans are in motion to create a traveling exhibit initially to be on display in 2010 (locations to be determined).
We are asking felters worldwide to donate felt 30cmx60cm (12"x24") each piece should be either yellow, orange or red.. The felt will be assimilated into an artpiece that will accompany the multimedia presentation on tour.

Friday, April 10, 2009

No wall today but ...

We did walk around town a bit. Saw some cows.
And here's Jessamy and her mother (who's visiting) watching some swans march.We board the ferry for Amsterdam tomorrow! I'm bringing the Pomatomus socks (one sock is nearly done) with me, since I'm not sure there's anything to do on the ship.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Put that in your pipe

Guess where we're going for the long weekend.



Give up?

We're going to Amsterdam. Seriously. Leaving on the ferry on Saturday night, coming back on Monday.

And no, England hasn't changed us enough where we'll be partaking in what everyone expects us to be going for, we're going for the Holland Flower Festival! I'm hoping to have some very colorful photos to share.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day 6 of the Hadrian's wall walk

Today was Day 6 of our Coast to Coast walk.

The walk started off at the Wylam Train Station, one of the oldest train stations in the world.

Wylam Station
Just prior to taking this picture we saw someone poke his head out to look at the traffic. We think he might have been controlling the gates and traffic lights.


Wylam Station

Then, we had to make our way to Heddon-on-the-wall, a town where you can actually see the wall! We had looked on the internet for directions. It looked pretty straight forward, and since our printer doesn't work I ended up hand drawing a little map. We made our way through the small town of Wylam with no trouble, finding this trail very easily.

You can probably guess where this is going, but we got lost! We ended up turning to the right too soon.

We found the town eventually, but as there was very little actual information online about where to find the wall, and two different maps showed two different locations (both of which we tried and found nothing there), we decided to take a break and eat our packed lunch at this nice memorial park.


Then it was off to find the wall! We had seen a sign right before entering the park for the Hadrian's wall trail, so we followed that.

After getting very confused by an "informative" sign about Heddon-on-the-wall, and seeing a sign to Heddon-on-the-wall which was pointing in the opposite direction, we just chanced to look to our right into a hedge-lined entrance and saw a very official looking sign about Hadrian's Wall!

The wall was originally intended to be 3 meters wide throughout, but a good deal of it wasn't actually built that wide. This is the largest surviving "broad" part of the wall.

Here is Jessamy standing in a kiln!

Since our trip so far had been a long walk uphill (two hours?), and the next section of the walk would be further into the country and would require a long walk back to public transportation we decided to walk around the town instead. We ended up at a dilapidated but interesting garden area called "Heddon Common", so we had yet another food break there.
Heddon Common

Then it was off to the bus stop, and back home!