Sunday, March 29, 2009

Day 5 of the Hadrian's wall walk

Today was Day 5 of our Coast to Coast walk.

We started on Lemington Road, where we left off last week.


An impressive abandoned building (this is just a small portion of it).

All of a sudden we found ourselves out of the city with a nice view of the river Tyne.

Here I am enjoying my first Cadbury Egg of the season by one of the Mileposts. I had resisted them up until today, but Jessamy and I made up for it by splitting three during the course of the day. I'm thinking of stockpiling them so we can have a steady supply for the rest of the year.

The first gate!


Continuing along the path.

The cottage where George Stephenson, a pioneer of the steam-powered locomotive, was born and raised. Although there is a top floor, his family (mom, dad, and 4 siblings) lived on the bottom floor, in a single a room. It is open to the public, and for a small fee of 2 pounds a woman in period costume will tell you how crappy it must have been to live there.

Hagg Bank Bridge the first wrought iron single span arch suspension bridge built for a rail crossing in the UK.

The first time on this walk where a horse hasn't been on the other side of a fence from us.

Caught the train at the Prudhoe "rail station" back home to Newcastle.


  1. Suzanne1:31 AM

    This seems to be the first sunny day in your walk - what a difference blue sky makes! Wait - is the Coast to Coast walk the same as the Hadrian's wall walk?

  2. It does make a difference. And it's supposed to be really nice this whole weekend!

    There's the Hadrian's Wall Path National Trail, which starts at Segedunum (not quite the coast) and the Hadrian Cycleway, which I think starts at the coast and goes the whole way. I've also read mentions of the C2C or coast to coast walk, though I'm not sure what that means.

    We've been doing the cycle route because it has the clearest directions online. Next week though we'll be going on the wall path because we'll be getting into parts where you can actually see the wall!