Friday, March 13, 2009

See food

My knitting was put aside for a few days to make this:
A lunch box. Well, technically a lunch plastic bag. It's my 4th sewing project, if I include hemming some PJ pants. We recently replaced the shower curtain, and this was the bit we cut off because it was too long. I hadn't quite realized when I sewed it together that there was a shiny part and the flip side was matte, hmmmm. I had also envisioned it with the seam on the inside, but the finished product didn't stand up correctly like that. I'm planning on sewing velcro onto it, for the closure, and had actually bought some for this purpose a few weeks ago, but I've looked everywhere I'd expect to have put it and the velcro is nowhere to be found. I finished the bag this morning, in time for a test run for today's lunch, and the bag was functional, as I had hoped.

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