Saturday, March 21, 2009

Day 2 of the Hadrian's wall walk

Today we went on our second day of our Coast to Coast walk. It started off at the same scary roundabout where we left off last week.


Then there this multi-lingual sign.

Took a bathroom break at Segedunum, but didn't go into the museum as we'd been there before.


Which way do we go? We opted for "Hadrian's Way".

A walk along the river.

I think we had walked about 7 miles so far and we were already a little tired at this point, so we sat down along the river, rested and ate a sandwich.

A nice view of our hometown. Jessamy is holding "fish and chips" flavoured potato chips (or crisps as they say here).

Thought we needed a treat for having walked about ten miles that day.

Then we left the walkway and went into the city, and then to home. 11 miles down, 163 to go!


  1. Suzanne9:06 PM

    What a neat adventure! I'd never heard of it (of course!) and now I'm so curious to see where you go. Do you take a train or bus to whatever your starting point is for the day? At some point, surely you'll be staying overnight?

  2. Eventually we'll be staying overnight, but that won't be until much later. So far we've just taken the metro from near our house to our destination. Next Saturday we'll be able to walk to the path from our house, and then we'll be taking the bus. There is a bus that runs along the wall which is going to be running again (doesn't run during the winter) starting on Good Friday, so we'll be taking that most of the time.