Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 4 of the Hadrian's wall walk

Today was Day 4 of our Coast to Coast walk.

It was raining during the morning and early afternoon, so we were afraid there would be no walk today. Then around three a bit of sun started to peek through the clouds and we decided to chance it.

We walked to the quay side, where we left off last week.


It quickly turned into a busy street with warehouses by the road, and stayed rather unscenic for a while. There was no rain, but also no sun, and a biting cold. All of a sudden this path:


And this menacing building which surprisingly isn't actually abandoned.
Scary Place

At one point we had to make a decision. Continue along the cycling route, which is the route we have the directions for. Or, take the Hadrian's Walkway, which looked nice and green. We took the walk way. The path eventually ended, which left us with only a vague clue where we were. We knew the cycleway continued West. So West we went, hopeing we would eventually find it again. I'm glad we did get a bit lost, or we wouldn't have known that we had wandered into the community of Dumpling Hall.
Dumpling sign

Around mile 4 we started to get tired. Fortunately we saw a bus go by that would take us to Newcastle, so we walked to the next stop. On the way we saw a sign for the cycle path! So now we know where to start again tomorrow. We got on the bus across the street from the Lemington Glass works. Which I've since found out is one of the most important industrial monuments in the North East. Who knew, I just took a picture because I thought it looked interesting.
Glass cone


  1. Suzanne8:43 PM

    I am loving this! Dumpling Hall - so very English. I imagine a bunch of toads running the place....

  2. We occasionally see buses that go to Dumpling Hall, so we've been wondering about it for a while.

    I like the thought of toads. We've been more literal and wondered if it was just a town where someone makes really good dumplings.