Monday, March 27, 2006

mini basket

My latest foray into felting was this mini easter basket. I used Suri Merino and for some reason it came out fuzzy. I made the i-cord a little too long (I fixed it for the picture), but i would actually have been concerned if it came out perfectly (well, not so much concerned, but paranoid for a week that I was in another dimention).

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Here's what it looked like beforehand (it's chillin with dad's hyperbolic plane, which I also felted).
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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Look ma, no sticks

So, on Wednesday we had our 3rd Music to Knit to event. The drumming was not what I expected, but it was interesting.
Noah didn't have any needles to knit with, so he hand-knit:
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Looks pretty good, I think. Maybe he can teach a class - stickless knitting.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

So, our Vernal Equinox was fun. Some kids came over and made string eggs, Karen brought some cute flowers (star sun), and I ate too many jelly beans and deviled eggs. But highlight of the day was this ...
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How cool is that, an egg with no yoke.
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We also started our community blanket, which anyone can knit a row, or two, or more, of. I assure you, it's not as blurry in real life.

Nipples anyone?

Open submission for hand crafted nipples

March 2006 ? Send the The Nipple Project a hand-made artistic
interpretation of your nipple or of someone's nipple you love! We are creating a community based art installation consisting of 3-dimensional craft media such as knitting, crocheting, beading, sewing, felting, gourds, leather, metal, wood and other creative materials. The final piece will feature all nipple submissions sewn, wired or stitched together to create a large wall installation and will be displayed in October, 2006 to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We weren't around to burn our bras and free our breasts from the constraints of enclosure, but we applaud you if you did! This is our way of celebrating our anatomy and embracing the perky tips of our breasts; the part that today still seems to be such a distraction and causes such a commotion! Let's face it, it's okay to have our breast spilling out over our neckline, but we've got to cover up our THOs*. That's why certain lingerie companies have developed high tech bras for "maximum nipple coverage."
It's time to RECLAIM THE NIPPLE! Yes, we do have a few of those high tech bras, and we do have days when we ponder wearing no bra, the comfy little unlined cotton bra or the super bullet proof nipple eradicating bra. We just couldn't bring ourselves to burning our bras. At $40 bucks a pop, who can afford it! So we decided on an art project?how "pc" of us.

Make this a project for your knitting group, or that crafty group of friends you brag about.
We can't wait to see what your crazy little minds and crafty little hands dream up. Now go get crafting!
For specific dimensions, submission guidelines and free patterns,
click here. Deadline for submissions is July 31st 2006.

Contact: Andrea M. Dominguez at

The Nipple Project

Sunday, March 12, 2006

snow ... ouch?

I looked outside right now. And what do I see, a dramatic black sky and Colorado Plaza lit up as if it's the last refuge on earth.

Then, then, thirty seconds later, it hailed! One little kid said "hey, it's snowing ... ouch."

Long ago, when I was a wee lass, I had heard strange noises outside. I looked out the door, and saw it was hailing. I stuck out my hand from behind the porch. My hand was stinging, but I kept my arms outstretched, clutching the little clumps of ice as if they had fallen just for me.

I was maybe 14 when I first saw snow falling, and at that time I was in the car with my mom who was freaking out. I didn't actually stand in falling snow until my sophmore year of college when me and some friends went to tahoe for the weekend. One of the friends was a Floridian. And I thought I was a deprived person from having lived in the desert my whole life, but that friend had not only never seen falling snow, but was horrified by it. And I don't mean just "oh, how weird," she was actually petrified by the snow, and wanted to get indoors as soon as possible.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Men's night - a success?

So we had men's night on Wednesday, and two guys showed up. It was one more than I was expecting. We didn't advertise it very much, so noone's dissapointed.
One of the guys was very a very good (crocheter?), and according to dad he showed off a really cool jacket he had made.

Except for Max being home for winter break, nothing much has happened lately.... well, at least nothing we want to brag about.