Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Nipples anyone?

Open submission for hand crafted nipples

March 2006 ? Send the The Nipple Project a hand-made artistic
interpretation of your nipple or of someone's nipple you love! We are creating a community based art installation consisting of 3-dimensional craft media such as knitting, crocheting, beading, sewing, felting, gourds, leather, metal, wood and other creative materials. The final piece will feature all nipple submissions sewn, wired or stitched together to create a large wall installation and will be displayed in October, 2006 to coincide with Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We weren't around to burn our bras and free our breasts from the constraints of enclosure, but we applaud you if you did! This is our way of celebrating our anatomy and embracing the perky tips of our breasts; the part that today still seems to be such a distraction and causes such a commotion! Let's face it, it's okay to have our breast spilling out over our neckline, but we've got to cover up our THOs*. That's why certain lingerie companies have developed high tech bras for "maximum nipple coverage."
It's time to RECLAIM THE NIPPLE! Yes, we do have a few of those high tech bras, and we do have days when we ponder wearing no bra, the comfy little unlined cotton bra or the super bullet proof nipple eradicating bra. We just couldn't bring ourselves to burning our bras. At $40 bucks a pop, who can afford it! So we decided on an art project?how "pc" of us.

Make this a project for your knitting group, or that crafty group of friends you brag about.
We can't wait to see what your crazy little minds and crafty little hands dream up. Now go get crafting!
For specific dimensions, submission guidelines and free patterns,
click here. Deadline for submissions is July 31st 2006.

Contact: Andrea M. Dominguez at

The Nipple Project

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