Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's the picture of snow from yesterday, taken from the comfort of our apartment (those lines are the reflection of the blinds). It's a crappy picture, I know, but it is snow.

No snow today, but it did rain briefly while I was walking to work and I was starting to think that I wouldn't be able to test out my muff, but the snow cleared. My fingers were already freezing though (they were out in the open (with gloves on)) since I had to hold up the umbrella, so it was hard to tell if a muff was better or just as good as putting my hands in my pocket, but a muff's still exciting, and fun to say too. I did learn though that I should have made it a little wider. It's 3 and a half inches wide right now, which was fine when I was trying it on inside with my hands directly parallel in the muff, but not so good when my fingers were actually freezing and I ended up clutching my other hand. So next time I'll need to make it a bit wider and maybe an inch longer...

Sunday, November 23, 2008

It snowed!

Woke up this morning to see snow on the ground! What, snow? Where am I again? Ah yes, in another country. Just searched the blog to find that it didn't start snowing until March last year (or rather this year)! Apparently it's due to arctic winds, which really just sounds like a good name for a band and not something that will make white things that fall from the sky during the night and then melt and become slippery and unattractive while I'm trying to walk to the grocery store .

Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture until most of it was melted, and then the batteries died right after the picture was taken, so you'll just have to take my word for it.

I guess I made that muff right in time, lets hope it keeps my hands warm during my half hour walk to work tomorrow.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Festive Muff

I've always wanted a muff. Whenever I see one in a painting the wearer always seems happy and warm while the cold snow around her flurries. I have yet to test it out in the elements, but even if it doesn't live up to my warmth expectations at least it's pretty (and quick to knit too).

Yarn:One 50 gram ball of eyelash yarn
One 50 gram ball of super bulky yarn

Gauge: 5 stitches per 2" in 1X1 rib

Needle: 11

Cast on 20 stitches with both yarns held together. Join in the round. Work 10 inches in 1X1 rib. Bind off loosely.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amigurimi class this Saturday

Amigurimi (crochet)

with Melise Gerber

November 22, 1pm, $40

According to Wikipedia the "pervading aesthetic of amigurumi is cuteness". And they aren't kidding. By learning to crochet this cute snowman you'll also learn the skills to go on to make your own customized dolls. Beginning crocheters are welcome to attend.

Great for quick Christmas presents!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Pictures from Housesteads Roman fort

Finally getting around to posting pictures of when a friend of Jessamy and mine visited.
We went to Hadrians Wall Country, but it was really cold, and rained most of the time so we had to scrap the plan of walking along the wall and went to see the museums instead, but you can see some of the wall here:
Roman ruins, don't remember which ones these were, but there was the remains of bathhouses, with their raised floors for more efficient heating, granaries, with their raised floors for vermin and dampness, soldier barracks, etc.
This is Jessamy pointing at one of the many sheep grazing in the area.
and me in a well

and Michelle in a welland me and Jessamy again.