Monday, November 24, 2008


Here's the picture of snow from yesterday, taken from the comfort of our apartment (those lines are the reflection of the blinds). It's a crappy picture, I know, but it is snow.

No snow today, but it did rain briefly while I was walking to work and I was starting to think that I wouldn't be able to test out my muff, but the snow cleared. My fingers were already freezing though (they were out in the open (with gloves on)) since I had to hold up the umbrella, so it was hard to tell if a muff was better or just as good as putting my hands in my pocket, but a muff's still exciting, and fun to say too. I did learn though that I should have made it a little wider. It's 3 and a half inches wide right now, which was fine when I was trying it on inside with my hands directly parallel in the muff, but not so good when my fingers were actually freezing and I ended up clutching my other hand. So next time I'll need to make it a bit wider and maybe an inch longer...

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  1. Suzanne3:49 PM

    "a muff is still exciting, and fun to say" - that sounds like something out of Little Women!

    Garrett's first sock turned out okay - now just have to finish the second one.

    Will you celebrate Thanksgiving of a sort in the old country? I imagine turkey is out, but there's always liver and onions - that should make you thankful for the colonies.