Monday, December 01, 2008

Snow 2

This morning I stepped outside to go to work and was greeted by this sight:

No, it's not that my car was stolen (not that I have a car), but it's snow!

I had a nice leisurely weekend. Started on a smoke ring with Claudia Hand Painted yarn on Saturday and I'm half way through.

On Friday we saw Skellig which is a new opera by a US composer based on a children's novel by a Northumbria author. Sadly the singers did not have Geordie accents.

Jessamy and I had Thanksgiving dinner at a Chinese buffet. No pumpkin pie, but we did have tiramisu.

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  1. Suzanne11:57 PM

    Snow. Gosh, I remember that. I don't think I saw any last year. Maybe not this year, either, unless the weather in Atlanta really goes berserk before we get there in January.

    So when are you coming home?