Sunday, December 07, 2008


Today was a nice day. Most of the ice was melted so I only nearly slipped once on the way to the market.

I finished the smoke ring/wimple yesterday, it's being blocked as I type this.

The picture is a bit weird, but I look better wearing it in person, really.
Last night after I finished the wimple (does not seem like a proper word for an accessory, but perhaps a curse word or a body part) I tried to start on a Christmas project, but it turns out that bulky yarn with size 13 needles and a lace pattern do not mix well. If anyone is on Ravelry I'll post what I frogged on there.

Also brought out the sewing machine. Bought it last month, but I wanted to finish the twist and shout sweater before I started anything else. That never happened (still have a sleeve to do), but since I started on the wimple and the muff I figured I should do something I'll enjoy instead of setting myself limits.

Don't actually remember the last time I used a sewing machine, I might have never used one, but I was glad I was around the shop during the sewing classes so I knew to iron the hem before I tried to sew it and I was glad Jessamy was there as I got really confused with the lower bobbin, turned out it was working right I just didn't understand the concept. So my PJs are now a proper length. Yay! Next it's curtains, then a purse for a Christmas present. There will be a picture of that of course, but probably not until closer to Christmas as I don't know who's reading this...

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