Monday, March 31, 2008

April happs

Hi everybody. Hi Doctor Nick.

Tomorrow is another day, and another month. Here’s our events so far for April, we also have a number of crafty things are under development.

Saturday, April 12th (at 5pm) a concert by Call and Response
(the duet of poet Dottie Grossman and trombonist Michael Vlatkovich – not to be missed!)

We have Knitting Circles, Wednesday nights April 2, and April 16.
and all weekend. Crochet, too. Tuesdays at noon has been
interesting as well.

Spinning Workshop
Learn to make your own yarn on the drop spindle.
Spindle and roving available ($22)
Wednesday April 23 at 7:00 Price tba

Yarn: Start to Finish
If you’ve always wanted to know about wool and yarn and how it all comes together, here’s your chance.
On Friday, April 18, we will meet, you will get a gallon ziplock stuffed full of raw wool. We will discuss how to wash, dry, and card this wool and make it into roving using wire dog brushes.
Wednesday, April 23, we will meet with Annie Stone and learn how to spin pre-made roving into yarn.
We will meet once again on Friday April 25, and see what we’ve done, and look at dying our spun wool with Kool-Aid.
The class will be $75
To review,
You’ll get in 3 sessions…..
raw unwashed wool, (you are welcome to bring your own)
a drop spindle, prepared roving, and the spinning class,
hand-outs with the information,
and some Kool-Aid colors.

April 18, 23, 25 at 7:00pm $75

Please us at if you’d like to take part, and also if you need me to get the dog brushes for you. ($20 for the pair of wire brushes)

Beginning Sewing, Part 2: pattern reading*
bring a simple pattern and your own materials and supplies.
~~Thursday, April 3, at 7pm~~ $30

How to sew skirts and pants that fit!
Students must bring in a very simple pattern
and their own fabric, thread and tools.
Thursday, April 10 at 7pm $30

Please note that we have limited space and limited
sewing machines available for these classes.
When registering, please tell us if you will
need to borrow one of our sewing machines.
And please sign up early.

As always,
Sock group Saturday at 3:00, free (newbies to experts).
If you don’t knit socks yet, we have a Sock Class at 1:00 on Saturdays, $30

Happy Hour Knit
Friday, April 25th
$10 donation.
Bring your projects (I would not recommend lace, unless you like frogging).

Currently being scheduled:
If you’ve admired David B Adams, and the needles and
crochet hooks he makes, we are going to showcase him and his work soon on a Saturday in April. This will be in our next
newsletter, or if you must know the date before that, you can check out our website.
Or subscribe to our “extra” newsletter.

New dates for Beginning Sewing classes.

We’re also working on a couple of booksignings, though those may end up being in May (scary!).

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Music Night on April 12 - Call And Response

On Saturday, April 12th, from 5-7pm, Dottie Grossman and Michael Vlatkovich, also known as “Call And Response” will be performing at That Yarn Store (5028 Eagle Rock Blvd, Eagle Rock, CA; one block south of Colorado Blvd).

The concert is free, although donations are accepted.

Critically acclaimed, the duo has performed across the US, and routinely opens the Potter Valley Jazz Festival. Though music and poetry may have beatnik associations for some, rest assured that this is no bongos and beret affair. Grossman’s poetry covers a wide range of emotional territory, and Vlatkovich is always right there with her, whether to reinforce the sentiment of the poem, or completely turn it on its head. It is not uncommon to be close to tears at the end of a poem, and rolling with laughter during the response.

The magazine, “JAZZIZ” has called Vlatkovich, ”…one of the most extraordinary improvising trombonists in this country as well as overseas. Also a gifted composer and arranger, Vlatkovich is one of the leading talents among Los Angeles improvisational players. Working from the Left Coast since 1973, he is well known for tireless touring, bringing his music all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. A daring and emotionally charged performer, Vlatkovich takes delight in blending a broad variety of jazz and world music styles into his own brand of engaging and unpredictable music. His approach manages to express a raw power and beauty within a minimally structured format that allows extensive group improvisations to lead the way.” The CD, “Call And Response” (on the pfMentum label) represents Grossman and Vlatkovich in live performance mode.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Happy Easter.

I had a nice day. Jessamy was in a baking mood and made bread. I spent a good portion of the day trying to figure out how to record music on Max/MSP, a very complicated music program that I used in college in a computer music class. I didn't figure it out, but I think I'm close, so I'll try again tomorrow.

At one point during the day the sun came out, so Jessamy and I decided to go for a walk. As I was putting on my shoes Jessamy looked outside and said "There's white snowy things outside." And sure enough, there were the occasional white dots floating in the air, within 30 seconds it started hailing, and within 1 minute it was snowing. Not a "snowed in" kind of snowing, but it was snow and the flurry lasted about ten minutes. In half an hour it had all melted and Jessamy and I were able to go on a walk, but it was a short one because I had no hat and my ears started to hurt from the cold.

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Squidoo page

Hi, I put a That Yarn Store Squidoo page up online. There's several things you can vote on, and a place to write down ideas for classes.

And, if you were planning on buying something on cafepress (I've been thinking of putting That Yarn Store stuff on there for a while, someday ...) or Amazon, there are links to those pages on the bottom. Hint hint.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hi There

I realize I haven't posted very much news from over here. That's because there hasn't really been any.

The weather is mild, the really bad storm all the weather forecasters were, well, forecasting, just turned out to be a really windy night over here (though other parts of the country weren't so lucky).

I've done a few random Squidoo pages, links are on the right side of the screen. I'm thinking of making a That Yarn Store one.

Jessamy entered an essay contest and won a gift certificate to see any play we want at Live Theatre. Right now there's a Billy Eliot type play by the person who wrote Billy Elliot (what a coincidence). We can also use the gift certificate for the theatre's restaurant, which I was really happy to hear as we haven't eaten out in a month and I'm getting sick of my poor (in both ways) cooking skills.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spinning class tonight

Spin Your Own Designer Yarn
March 14, 7 pm, $30

drop spindle with yarn

Spinning your own yarn can give you even more control over your finished knit or crochet project. You can learn to directly control the thickness of the finished yarn. By the end of his first lesson, Noah was able to spin a thick-n-thin yarn that has been mistaken for Rowan yarn (I'm serious!). Once you learn how to spin, try some kool aid dying at home, or create novelty yarn. The possibilities are endless.
Spindles available for purchase at the shop.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Last day for Knit for the Cure

Tomorrow is the last day to drop off at That Yarn Store your pink projects for Knit for the Cure. Fly fingers, fly!

Please include the following with your donation:

Name _________________________
Phone ________________
Please describe knitted donation
Special Care Instructions _______________________________
I am unable to contribute a knitted donation. Please accept my
donation of $______________.

Friday, March 07, 2008

New class - Yarn: Start to Finish - is starting today

Yarn: Start to Finish

On March 7 we will meet, you will get a gallon ziplock stuffedfull of raw wool. We will discuss how to wash, dry, and cardthis wool and make it into roving using wire dog brushes.

March 14, we will meet with Annie Stone and learn how to spinpre-made roving into yarn.We will meet once again on

March 21, and see what we’ve done, and lookat dying our spun wool, with Kool-Aid. The class will be $70

To review,
You’ll get in 3 sessions, raw unwashed wool, (you are welcome to bring your own)a drop spindle, prepared roving, and the spinning class,hand-outs with the information,and some Kool-Aid colors.

March 7. 14. and 21 at 7:00

Please call us at (323) 256-9276 if you’d like to take part, and also if you need me to get the dog brushes for you. ($22 for the pair of wire brushes)