Friday, March 07, 2008

New class - Yarn: Start to Finish - is starting today

Yarn: Start to Finish

On March 7 we will meet, you will get a gallon ziplock stuffedfull of raw wool. We will discuss how to wash, dry, and cardthis wool and make it into roving using wire dog brushes.

March 14, we will meet with Annie Stone and learn how to spinpre-made roving into yarn.We will meet once again on

March 21, and see what we’ve done, and lookat dying our spun wool, with Kool-Aid. The class will be $70

To review,
You’ll get in 3 sessions, raw unwashed wool, (you are welcome to bring your own)a drop spindle, prepared roving, and the spinning class,hand-outs with the information,and some Kool-Aid colors.

March 7. 14. and 21 at 7:00

Please call us at (323) 256-9276 if you’d like to take part, and also if you need me to get the dog brushes for you. ($22 for the pair of wire brushes)

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