Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Dumpling Kitchen

About 5 years ago I made decent dinners. Ok, maybe they weren’t decent, but they were at least varied. Sometimes it was enchiladas, sometimes quiche. I also vaguely remember that a corn dish was another favorite. And then of course the very occasional banana bread.

But since we moved to England it’s nearly always pasta. Most of the time I throw in carrots or greenbeans, and the sauce is normally from a bottle, or a can of tomatoes stewed with onion and curry powder. In any case it’s mainly the cheese on top that makes it edible.

But something happened a few weeks ago. I don’t know if it was a temporary cooking depression that’s now past, or if I’ve subconsciously decided that life’s too short for bad food, or maybe my Twitter obsession is starting to wane (not likely).

In any case my cookie experiment last week was a direct result of that change. Soon after that I actually looked in a cookbook (gasp) and found a really simple pasta sauce made with milk, cream cheese, and cheddar (and I throw in some salt and curry powder). And today I’m making … dumplings!

I think I’ve had dumplings on the brain because of Dumpling Hall. The recipe can be found here.

In any case here’s a picture of them. They weren't quite cooked all the way at the time I took the picture, but a few had already sunk into the nether broth world, and I was afraid if I didn't take a picture immediately there wouldn't be any dumplings to actually see!

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