Sunday, March 15, 2009

Coast to Coast walk begins

Jessamy and I started our incremental coast to coast walk today. We started at Tynemouth, walking over barnacle encrusted rocks to dip our finger in the North Sea.

There's the North Sea, in the background is a pier with a lighthouse at the end.

Then we found the start of the C2C route (right behind Collingwood's Monument in case you were wondering). The route started with a pleasant path along the sea, then the trail went into a business area, a residential neighborhood, and an industrial area.

But the route was well marked, and we only had to look at a map once (at the end of the pleasant path along the sea, if you must know). Parts of the walk seemed new, like this (that's a really bright looking industrial ship in the background).
And then there was the strange waterfall.
We ended up walking 3 miles of the route 174 mile route, and took the metro to home at the Percy Main stop. I think, what with the walking to and from the transportation, we walked 5 miles today. Not bad. My legs/feet don't hurt so I think we're aiming for a longer walk next week.

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