Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Hadrian's Wall

We visited the Segedunum museum over the weekend (I keep catching myself saying Segundo museum) and saw a bit of Hadrian's wall and the ruins of the first fort in the long line of Hadrian's wall forts. The whole stretch of the wall, from coast to coast, is something like 80 miles, and we learned it was errected to be more of a symbolic seperation (us v them), then an actual wall meant for defence (sound familiar?). They have a newly opened walking/bike path that runs more or less next to the wall for the entire stretch. I think it would be fun to rent a bycicle and explore, Jessamy, who's usually the one making those kinds of suggestions (whereas I'm the one reluctant to do anything that involves walking except if there's a close destination) isn't to keen on the idea, though she won't really say why.
A picture of the fort, taken from an observationt tower:

The whorl of a roman spindle.
Our lunch:
We ordered a chicken tika sandwich because it sounded exciting. Didn't know it would be pink. The person making it asked us if we wanted 'salad' with it, we didn't no what that meant, so we said no, obviously not the right response since it was no pickes, lettuce, etc., in it.

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