Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Put that in your pipe

Guess where we're going for the long weekend.



Give up?

We're going to Amsterdam. Seriously. Leaving on the ferry on Saturday night, coming back on Monday.

And no, England hasn't changed us enough where we'll be partaking in what everyone expects us to be going for, we're going for the Holland Flower Festival! I'm hoping to have some very colorful photos to share.

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  1. Suzanne1:31 AM

    Living in Europe is a little like living in New England. A couple of hours trip gets you in three or four states (or, in the case of Europe, countries). How very cool is that! I've heard Amsterdam is great - a former colleague of mine is a blues singer, and she has a thriving career in Amsterdam even though she can barely get gigs in the U.S. She would go over three or four times a year and LOVED it! I'd really like to go someday. Hope you have a great trip and see lots of pretty tulips!