Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The wait is over

Guess what I saw last night.
Waiting for Godot with Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart!

Last year I had actually googled both the actors to see if they were going to be in any play. I think Patrick Stewart was doing a play I couldn't see for some reason, McKellen wasn't doing anything at the time. Then, about 6 months ago I searched again, and read the rumour that they were going to do this play! I was entirely prepared to take a special trip to London to see it, but fortunately they were doing a tour first before ending up in London, so I was able to see it here in Newcastle.

Ian McKellen was perfect and brilliant of course. Stewart's performance didn't quite seem right, and Jessamy agreed, but that simply just means that he was just really good. But this is the guy who can make the word "Engage" sound powerful, so maybe it was just an off night. Or, possibly, maybe it's just us and we misread his Vladimir.

Pozzo and Lucky were good. I had always envisioned Lucky as being catatonic, but Ronald Pickup played him as simply just old, with lots of sighing.

Except for maybe Skellig I think it was the youngest crowd I've seen in a play. The balcony I was in was almost all twenty or so year olds.

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  1. Suzanne1:29 AM

    "20-year-olds" ... I think that might be the power of Star Trek!

    Patrick Stewart can be really good, or he can overplay. (Did you see the mini-series "Moby Dick"? He was kind of awful.) Of course, "Waiting for Godot" isn't exactly my favorite play, either. I just read an article that Nathan Lane and John Goodman are performing it on Broadway (I think).

    Loved your Holland video - I saw your parents this morning and recommended it to them!