Saturday, April 25, 2009

Small and purple

Managed to mostly stay away from the internet during the past few days, so I've had a little more time to read and knit. I'm at page 282 of The Concise Pepys, which I've been reading for a while now.

Also during the past two days I've finished baby booties for my step-cousin, due in the end of May.

Baby Bootie

I'm happy with it, and I like the buttons.
The pattern is from
Yarn is Rowan milk cotton DK


  1. Oh, these are SO CUTE! It makes me wish I knew someone having a baby just so I can make them. (Of course, by the time I'd get around to it, they'd have to be adult sized...)

    The Concise Pepys - I've heard of it, but no idea what it is. (For some reason, I'm thinking Samuel Johnson, but that can't be right.)

  2. Thanks.

    If you make one now, you'll have it ready for the next baby that comes along. The pattern is simple, just garter stitch and ssks and k2togs. With crochet chains for the button holes.

    The book is a diary of Samuel Pepys during the mid 1600s. He was involved in politics, so you get to read about the royalty and what was happening politically and socially around that time.

  3. "If you make one now, you'll have it ready for the next baby that comes along."

    That's left brain thinking, which I seem constitutionally incapable of doing.