Thursday, July 16, 2009

It is green!

My green yarn is very nearly dry.
Turns out yellow and purple do make a green!

It's an unusual color, but I'm quite happy it didn't turn out to be a color only a mother would love.

And here is purple again. I don't think I showed off the purple enough in the last post.

Only thing is, they are all slightly felted to far. Still knittable, just that the skeins are a little thicker, and well, felted. Going to see if I can find some undyed superwash ...


  1. Suzanne10:06 PM

    I like the yellow and purple. The green looks too much like something flu-related, at least in the photo. I've got some lovely turmeric stains on clothing I wear; what did you use for the purple?

  2. The purples are totally gorgeous. I think the felting could be kind of a good thing, you know. They look so natural and rustic and the thicker, feltier quality sort of adds to that. Plus, just think how warm they'll knit up for cold weather things!

  3. I'm happy it worked out after all and it's a color you like! :) Color combinations are very interesting, I never would have guessed purple and yellow make green!

  4. Suzanne - Yes, it's a bit weird and it does look a little better in real life, but not much : )
    The purple is extract from logwood, so not something I picked like the ivy, but it's still from nature.

    Angie - Thanks. Ya, I'm sure I can come up with something to make with them.

    Alexandra - And supposedly the shade one gets from natural dye can depend on when something is picked, and what the weather and soil was like when they were growing!

  5. Actually I love the green...but I'm addicted to green, never met one I didn't like :-)