Friday, July 10, 2009

Not the wall, but still pretty

I seemed to have hurt my left big toe on last week's walk, so there's been no long walks for us lately. Plus the scattered showers would have made them pretty miserable. So today we decided to take a short walk in Jesmond Dene, a park about a 20 minute bus ride from us.

This is St Mary's Chapel, built in the 17th century.
Supposedly there was a well very nearby where it's said that Jesus performed a miracle in the 1200s, and was later a pilgrimage site. But we couldn't find it! So we went off to the main park.

A old water mill, used for grinding corn in the 1700s.

At the foot of the park was "Pet's Corner". A bizarre mix of zoo zoo and petting zoo. It's free, so the animals consisted of ducks, sheep, goats, very smelly pigs, birds (like Budgies), a peacock, and lots and lots of chickens.
My toe didn't bother me at all during the walk, so we'll be walking in Hadrian's Wall county during the next (assuming there will be one) full day of sun.

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