Friday, August 06, 2010

The Fringe Festival has started!

Or at least it's started for me. I went to see two comedy shows, both free, today. One featured four comedians, each doing about 10 minutes of comedy each. It was worth every penny.

The other was Aaand Now for Something Completely Improvised. And yes, the actors did improvise. The audience reluctantly suggested plot points and then a story was then acted around the suggestions. Now that was worth the one pound donation I gave them. Actually it was worth more than that, but for some reason I was feeling miserly today.

Oh, and this is what Royal Mile looked like in March.DSCN2539

Now here is what it looked like today.

And the festival hasn't even officially started yet!


  1. I've been to the fringe festival a few times- so fun but super crowded! hope you see some more excellent stuff!

  2. As I had never even heard of the fringe festival except for on your blog, I'll be watching closely for updates. Enjoying your observations. :-)

  3. Hi Thea, Thanks for stopping by. Yes, the yard sale is an amazing event but by the looks of the pictures on your blog today I would gladly miss it for a trip to your neck of the woods...LOVELY!!
    I love a good festival (& comedy too..wink wink nudge nudge). Your newest follower..
    Licks & Wags, Niki

  4. I caption television for a living for Canada, and they have fringe festivals there too! There's one going on right now in Edmonton, Alberta! All the choices of shows to see and ongoing fun seems great! Have a lot of fun! Thanks for stopping by to see me yesterday! Suzie Button