Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Yes Knit, Not Quite Camp

I don't know if you're a knitter, or if you're following the threads about the event over on Ravelry, but essentially there is a big UK Knitting event happening this week in Stirling which ran into quite a few snags (big understatement).

I was supposed to have been taking a class on British Sheep Breeds for Knitters with Deb Robson, but that was rescheduled to another time which conflicted with one of the other classes I was taking. So instead I hitched a ride with a two other knitters from Edinburgh (both also had their classes canceled) to Stirling and had a nice day just knitting and chatting.

I brought the Jaywalker socks I started back in January, and was able to get some knitting done! A cuff and a bit of leg to be exact.

And if there's more class cancellations you'll probably be seeing more of this sock in the next few days :)

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  1. Good way to 'roll with the flow!'...It's a pretty sock too! :-)