Monday, August 30, 2010

Walk Around Leith

We brought out the 24 Great Walks in Edinburgh again today. This time we walked around Leith and the waterfront.

We saw the "Potters Stone", a copy of a 17th century stone depicting stingmen, the special name given to wine porters who used to carry the wine barrels by hand as you can see on the left (not roll them). The strange circle thing on the right is apparently a human-powered crane.

and Citadel Archway, which is all that is left of a fortification built by General Monck in 1608.
A model boat floating above our heads
Model boatAlign Centre

A random painting

An Antony Gormley Statue
Antony Gormley statue
This is the only one of these statues we've seen, but there six others in this area. I remember reading in the newspaper last year, when they were first installed, that lots of residents got scared by them, and a few called 999 (911), thinking that they were an actual person stuck in the river and unable to get out.

This is an odd sign that is even more oddly placed in front of a primary school (elementary school).
Elderly People Sign

And what's perhaps the most exciting thing in the whole trip for me:
New shoes! (The color is off in this pic, they're actually a nice blue).
You might think it's a bit odd that this is the highlight, but I'm very picky about wearing comfortable-fitting shoes. And I think my two feet aren't the same size. So the fact that I actually bought new shoes is a big deal. It's kind of too bad it has a big cat on the front of it, but so what, I really needed new sneakers.

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  1. I don't know why my feedreader isn't picking up your blog... I'm going to subscribe so I don't miss any more posts!

    I love this one. The Elderly People sign is a riot. And the statues that people called 911 about - brilliant. (Yes, devious of me to think that, but if it makes people stop and think, I love it.) And the sneakers! One of my girls has different sized feet and she ALWAYS loves the feel of Puma sneakers. They must be super comfy!