Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fringe Fest and Fisher Price walk into a bar

I just found out we missed a big parade today! But I hear there were tens of thousands of people who did not. So I'm kinda thinking we wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway.

Oh well.

On Saturday though we caught the tail end of a bagpipe parade. We didn't know that one was going on either. So we had to run alongside the parade to see it. Which ended up being kind of fun...Can you see the flags that these pipers are carrying?

Apparently they're from Canada!

And here's the requisite picture of the crowd, taken from a bus at 5:30.
The highlight of the past two days though was seeing this in a comedy act:

I very nearly went up to the comedian afterwards to ask if I could take a picture of it, but I was too shy. Turns out I didn't need to because Fisher Price is making them again!

Does this make anyone else feel really old? I'm guessing they are making them again because the kids who grew up with them now have their own kids! Eeek!

And 30 years from now the kids in the future will have little toy cell phones which will be all quaint and nostalgic. Double eeek!

So that was today, I wonder what things I'll miss tomorrow...

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  1. The sound of that many bagpipes must have been amazing!
    And I do remember those players...had no idea they still made them. Nostalgic would describe my feeling, not old. ;)