Friday, July 30, 2010

Counting Down the Days

11 days until UK Knit Camp!! I'm taking a class with Nancy Bush, another one on dyeing, and one on rare wool breeds. I'm really excited!

Except for TNNA I haven't actually been to one of these. I'm so excited I'm contemplating making one of those paper chain things we made when I was kid to count down the days to Christmas.

Anyone else counting down the days to something exciting?


  1. We're going to Seattle in 10 days. We're meeting my mom there. The plan is to go abroad (you know, Canada, land of universal health care and marriage liberty) for a day or so. Usually we go to Atlanta in August, but this plan is, in so many ways, much cooler. Have a great time at your knit camp. I am envious!

  2. I'm going to a spinning retreat at the end of the month, there'll be lots of chat, spinning, knitting and I"m hopefully doing a class on felting as well.

  3. Hi Thea, Thanks for following on my blog. I"m following on yours now too. Have fun at camp.I'm going to go back and explore some more.
    An American experiencing life from Ukraine
    My other blog:

  4. Suzanne - I still haven't been to Canada! Have a *cool* vacation.

    Rachelle - sounds fun! Is it a wet felting class?(as opposed to needle felting?)

    Coleen - hello fellow expat!