Thursday, July 15, 2010

Crochet has peeked in

So earlier this month I was talking about how I was itching to learn a new skill. I had been eying sewing, crochet, ukulele, embroidery, and Spanish for a while, and was heavily leaning towards ukulele and sewing.

I can't remember when it started, maybe even the same day I posted that but one day I had practiced the ukulele for a whole hour, instead of my normal 10-15 minutes. And guess what, I got much better after just that one hour. Who knew practicing would work so well :)
I haven't continued with the practicing every day, more like 5 days a week, and it's been more like half an hour of practicing, but still I've gotten pretty good at playing the camp-fire tunes in my little ukulele song book. I think I'm ready to learn an actual song now, but I haven't decided what yet ...

Still haven't started sewing, but, surprisingly I did do this yesterday:

Yup, it's a crochet pig. It kind of came out of nowhere, and I learned a new technique - the curlicue (for his tail).

I'm torn between making a learn-to-sew plan of attack, which is what I normally do, or just doing what I feel like, even if that means not learning anything. Or at least not learning anything except for The Bear Went Over the Mountain and Kumbayah.

I'll let you know what happens...


  1. Ukelele?! WOW! You're more ambitious than me! But your little pig is adorable!!! I crochet and I wouldn't attempt a pig!!!...My Wuglyee bear was my first and last animal...EVER!!! LOL Love your blog.

  2. Such a cute little piggy!!

  3. So are you going to post a video of you playing the Ukelele?? The lil piggy is cute!

  4. Thanks poetess. It was pretty difficult.

    Thanks Abby :)

    Knitwit - I asked for a flip camcorder for my b-day :)

  5. Eeee, he's a cutie! And how fun that you play the ukelele!

  6. The pig is so cute. The Ukelele! How fun! I think you should play a pig related song....ummm..lets see, no I can't think of one.