Monday, July 26, 2010

Get thee to a scrapstore

What's a scrapstore you might ask? A scrapstore is a business, often a non-profit, which sells reused art supplies. Sometimes these are donated by individuals, but most often it's bits and bobs and leftovers donated by companies.

In fact, there used to be one in Edinburgh called Bits and Bobs which I went to a few times but it recently closed down (noooooo).

Today I went to another one called Borders Scrapstore. They had tons of very random stuff, and fortunately I was able to contain myself and only bought a few things (some acrylic felt, buttons, etc.)

If you have a decent self-control then I highly recommend going to one. The supplies are often much cheaper than normal retail prices, and since a lot of the things are scraps and not exactly new it doesn't seem quite so bad if you don't use the supplies right away.

If you're in the UK the website has a list of scrapstores you can visit. US folks can go to to see a list.

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  1. OOOooooOOOO I didnt know about scrapstore for crafting supplies. Going to have to check to see if there is one in my area!!