Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dabbling Wednesday

I dabble. Or at least I used to. Have I ever mentioned that I spent a few evenings whittling when I was 12?

It all kind of ended when we started the yarn store. I became a one-craft woman and shut the plastic canvas in the closet. But then when the yarn store and I parted company I basically stopped knitting, and by extension stopped crafting.

To get to the point, I'm a wanna-be Renaissance woman, and I'm ready to start dabbling again. Needle felting has taken over my crafting life, so I'm I'm going to make an effort to try a new craft or new technique each week and share it on the blog.
So to start it off I've made a fabric flower using a tutorial by V and Co.
It was pretty simple, it used materials I had in the house already, and there's a decent chance that J might actually wear it. Woohoo!

I have no idea what next week's project will be, but I'm looking forward to it.


  1. Love the flower Thea and what pretty material. Keep dabbling, it's truly worth the effort. I do a bit of that on my blog too. Haven't tried needle felting yet, but am curious about it.

  2. Thanks Coleen : )