Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 10 of the Hadrian's wall walk

Today was day 10 of our coast to coast walk.

Look! It's our first bit of wall on this leg of the journey. No, the bar wasn't included on purpose. But it is the fuel of champions, as Jessamy calls it, so it does deserve a place in our pictures. In the distance you can see two people. This was actually the crowdest stretch of land we've walked so far. All but a few said hi as we walked past. And except for one mean lady who got an attitude when she found out she had chosen the wrong path, despite Jessamy and my warning her, the rest of the people we came across were friendly.

Limestone Corner. The Romans started to use these limestones to continue with the wall, but ended up abandoning them here for our viewing pleasure.

Brocolitia Fort. Now just mounds of earthworks.

Temple of Mithras. The stones are original, but the altar pieces are replicas. The original altar pieces are actually in the new Great North Museum in Newcastle. We've already seen them!

Where's my spindle?

Yes, we came across more cows, who seemed to enjoy freaking us out.
A really long stretch of Hadrian's Wall.

Whin Sill. An extremely high ridge where the wall was built. Great scenic views, though I doubt that was the primary motivation for the Romans.

Look, a (pivot?) hole for a gate.
And another great stretch of the wall. On the top of the hill is Housesteads which we visited last October, and which was the end of our trip.