Friday, June 19, 2009

The build up

New yarn!
It's the same yarn, different color, that I used for my Scotty's hat. I'll be knitting the Amused sweater by Jordana Paige in the Winter 2008 issue of Knitty. It's for Jessamy, and I'm hoping to start in just a few hours.

In other news I just noticed this yesterday:
It's on one our towels. That we've had since December. Apparently I don't read tags.

I've also finished all 804 pages of The Concise Pepys. It was really interesting, even though I've been reading it for nearly a year. Supposedly it's not the whole contents of his diary either. It's a reprint of the diary (written in the 1600s in short hand) published in the 1800s, which omits his descriptions of what he did with his mistresses. I'm ok with that.

Next on my reading list was El Hobbit, which I checked out from the new library earlier this week. I've read two pages already and can understand the gist of what's happening, but it seems like I'm missing out on half of the important words so I went to the library yesterday and checked out the English version. My plan was to read one page in English, then read the same page in Spanish. But I'm wondering is maybe I can find a book in Spanish and English which I haven't read yet?

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