Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Day 11 of Hadrian's Wall Walk

Yesterday was Day 11 of our Hadrian's Wall Walk.

This was actually the first time in over a month that we hadn't had previous engagements on a sunny day! Our walk started at Housesteads Roman Fort and ended at Milecastle Inn. The path along the wall stretched for 5 Roman miles. Each Roman mile is .95 of today's miles, so we actually walked 4.75 miles, not including the walk from the parking lot to where we left off last month, and the walk from the wall to Milecastle Inn.

Here is the view of Whin Sill, where we walked last month.
Hadrian's wall east

This is some of what we walked yesterday.
Hadrian's wall west

The first milecastle (there's one each Roman mile) on this leg of the trip.

One of the first of many, many hills we climbed during the course of the day.
We aren't actually sure if the rocks are the actual wall, or if they've been placed there for walkers.

A sign for Pennine Way, a popular mountainous walk. I'm pointing up, where our path leads.
sign post for pennine way

Highshield Crags
Highshield Crags
Yes, we did climb to the top of that too.

And here we are looking down at Crag Lough.
Above Highshield Crags

J waving under Sycamore Gap.
Sycamore Gap
It's also known as Robin Hood's Tree because it was in the Prince of Thieves movie.



Hadrian's wall walk.


Milecastle 42, the last of the milecastles on this leg of the trip, and unusual for a milecastle since it's at an awkward slant.
Milecastle 42

Cawfields Quarry.
Cawfields Quarry

Surprisingly we arrived at Milecastle Inn, where the bus would pick us up to bring us back home, at 3:30, and hour before we had to leave. So we ordered a half pint, ate a cadbury egg, and then went home.


  1. Suzanne1:23 PM

    I totally want to go to England now! Between you and my other friend (the one to whom you sent the hat), I've seen so much interesting stuff that I am really wanting to do this someday. Now that England has decent food (meaning all the ethnic stuff...), and, of course, beer....

  2. You should! There's lots to see. And lots and lots of pubs : )