Tuesday, August 18, 2009

We are kind of amused

It's finished!
J has been wearing it since this "photo shoot," so I think she likes it.

The mods I made from the original pattern on knitty was the high collar, originally a mistake but she liked how it looked long. The mod for where the cables join is from a helpful note by jmfknits on ravelry. Also made the sleeves longer, but I did something wrong with the decreases and they are oddly bunchy, but I've decided to ignore that.

Someone on Twitter said she looks like Sandra Bullock in this photo. What do ya think?


  1. Suzanne7:26 AM

    You did a great job on this, Thea! The color works well, and I think the sleeves look fine. I'm impressed.

    Jessamy does look a little like Sandra Bullock in that pose.

  2. Suzanne7:27 AM

    I meant to say, the collar works well....

  3. Thanks Suzanne. Jessamy is actually wearing it on the way to the store today. yay.