Thursday, August 13, 2009

Meteor Shower

Turned off the lights, opened the window.
I looked out.
Nothing but the glow of a city reflected in the sky.
A single ray of light shone through on the right.
Perhaps it was a star, or maybe a plane.
Its metal bulk spewing exhaust into the night air, but its travelers asleep
On the way to see family.
Or awake
Staring above the light of the city
Or at the meteor shower I can only wonder about.
Drunken revelers below don't notice my disappointment.
Continue to revel, should you need my blessing.
Continue to be happy on the ground, not in the sky.


  1. We couldn't see it the other night, but were thinking of the meteors overhead. City life...

  2. Suzanne3:01 AM

    I've never been lucky with meteor showers. I've seen a few meteors, but mostly don't ever see them in groups. Like the poem, though!