Sunday, August 16, 2009

Terminado empiezo

I finished El Hobbit! Actually, for the past month I had been reading El Hobbit and The Hobbit simultaneously because after the first short page of El Hobbit it became apparent that my Spanish was only good enough to understand everyday simple words. And I did not consider agujero (hole), the third word in the book, to be an everyday word. I'm still not sure why I didn't just put El Hobbit down and just read the English version, since I really did just want to reread the book before the movie comes out. It was probably just stubbornness. Whatever the reason, I've finally finished them both!

It's also looking like this will be a week of finishing projects. Jessamy's sweater is almost done, I had gotten a little crazy with the collar, knitted a few inches too much, so all I think I have to do is rip out an inch or too, bind off, and weave in ends. I'm trying not to think about what I'd do if she tries it on and something looks off.

The last of my sock yarns has been dyed, it's drying off as I type. Sadly I won't be buying anymore yarn until more money comes my way, so that's the end of that for a few weeks.

Of course this means this is also a week of new things - I've already started on The Diary of John Evelyn, as I've decided, after I read Pepys' diary a few months ago, to try and fill in my knowledge of British History (not that I really know much in the first place) from 1660 to the present through historical diaries.

And, I have a fiber project all lined up. Yay new projects!


  1. Suzanne4:54 PM

    Why don't I send you some reclaimed yarn, and you can use it for dyeing? I think I have a light-colored wool sweater that needs to be ripped... it would give me an incentive to do that.

  2. Thanks for the offer Suzanne. I've signed on with another temp agency, who seem rather confident they could get me a job soon, so by the time the yarn gets here I hopefully will have another temp job. I'll email you anyway...