Sunday, August 30, 2009

Looks like a swatch, feels like a swatch

J has turned in her thesis!


This actually happened on Thursday, but I think we're still recuperating from the day's event and stress, and everything that event means.

I've started a new project, or at least I've done the swatch. I looked on knitty for what I wanted to do, and couldn't see on listed, so I've decided to might as well design one and submit it. This unfortunately means I can't post pics, but here's the mini swatch.

I have three socks I'd like to make, so I think I'll also start one of them today or tomorrow. It's from Cookie A's new book, Sock Innovations. J picked out the pattern (the sock is for her) and it looks like it might be the most difficult one in the book.

So there might be some panicky and frustrated posts from me in the near very future...

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