Sunday, August 23, 2009

Finally, photos

I've sneaked on the computer (Jessamy's thesis is due on Thursday, so I need to sneak my computer time) to post pics of the sock yarn I dyed last week. Not sure how well it shows up in this picture, but it's a semi solid blue.
I feel some sock knitting coming on.

These were earrings. I really can't remember what was my original intention with these, since I don't have ear piercings, but I recently saw an example of "needle wrapping" in a book and remember I had these sitting in the closet. It was only after I did the wrapping that I realized that they don't even work as earrings anymore since they need to stretch to be put on. Maybe I'll make them into a necklace?


  1. Suzanne2:46 AM

    The color looks nice. Is it sock yarn? Is that what you'll be knitting with?

    I'm currently frogging a thrift sweater and then someone is going to dye it for me (through the Ravelry group I was telling you about). I'm so excited - no matter how it turns out, it will be fun to knit with hand-dyed reclaimed yarn!

  2. Thea, I think the earrings can be saved. All you do is create a loop with the end of the wire at the end of the loop of the wire on the earring. Then you can attach either the pierced earring finding or even a clip on through the holes you made on the loop.

    I hope I am making that clear. LOL
    I love your design.

  3. Suzanne - yay. Are you going to be knitting a sweater with it.

    Joan - I think so - create a loop with the straight wire then attach a finding or clip through the new loop I just created?

  4. That's right, Thea. I did make myself clear. LOL