Monday, October 04, 2010

It's the little things

I don't know why, but it's often the tiny little changes in life that interests me.

The other day I noticed that the biggest grocery store chain in the UK has updated their grocery bag. Assuming this is a Scotish-wide change this couldn't have been just a whim on their part.

One side is largely the same, with the same text, but a little more spaced out and a best before date! I've checked, and the old bags have one too, but it was in such a small text I never bothered reading it. But apparently the store thinks this more important than the possibility of children suffocating on it.

The other side now has a Saint Andrew's Cross! (Scotland's flag)
Very interesting.

And just a little update - nope, I still do not have a computer, which might actually explain why I'm now finding plastic bags to be fascinating and blog-worthy...


  1. Good that they are biodegradable, and the expiration date is a new twist!

  2. Ya, isn't the expiration date interesting? Wonder what will actually happen to it when that month ends :)