Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dabbling Wednesday

Apparently today was cupcake day at my house! If there isn't already a national cupcake day, there really should be one.

The other day I saw these individual silicone cupcake molds at Pound Land (and for my American friends who are wondering - yes, it really is called Pound Land). I haven't made cupcakes in ages. Or at least I don't remember making them. I do oddly enough remember having cupcake liners at one point, but I don't actually remember making them. Perhaps I didn't make them with icing (why would I bother to remember naked cupcakes?) ...

In any case, I poo-poohed any concerns I had about getting cancer from baking in 99 pence silicone and made some cupcakes this evening!

Apparently mixing coco powder and green food coloring in your butter icing produces yoda cupcakes! (cupcakes I like)
As you can see I was too eager to consume it to actually apply the icing in a neat and pleasing manner. Tasted good though.

And then I made a little pincushion, one with considerably neater icing. And sprinkles. And it's full of fibre. And I don't have to actively ignore it's fat content (or lack thereof).
(it will be on sale on etsy tomorrow).

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  1. Hi Thea, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday... Haha, i see what you mean about the 'yoda green' but it's actually quite a pretty colour! Plus your felted version is just so sweet:)