Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Dabbling Wednesday

The crafting narrative that I've formed about myself has, up until today, started with a latch rug kit around the age of 10.

But today's dabbling made me realize that wasn't correct.

Before the latch rug I must have started with a knitting spool.

And I can vaguely remember what it looks like too - a mushroom with a white stem and red top.

I got this little spool at a charity shop on Tuesday, and after 5 minutes of the normal thing you do with these (I was surprised that it really was knitting! but with metal loops instead of knitting needles, which, you know, makes sense since it's called a knitting spool ...) I decided it might be a little more interesting to try and knit around one of my felted cords with sewing thread.

I'm not sure what I expected, but this isn't it:

Hmmm. Looks a little like some worm from another planet.

But I suppose you never know until you try!


  1. Hey that can be used for a purse strap

  2. Interesting. I'd add beads and make it a bracelet or a necklace.