Sunday, October 17, 2010

Craigmillar Castle

Today we hopped on the bus for half an hour and took a visit to Craigmillar Castle. The castle in its original form was built in the 14th century, and up until the 1700s had major additions and changes. It was abandoned in the 1700s and now stands as a surprisingly big castle with an hours worth of rooms to explore and run around in.

Craigmillar Castle

The day started off clear, bright, crisp, and very cold. And then it turned into cloudy and cold. It feels like winter already!

This is a wonderful doorway!
The coat of arms on the top is of a unicorn and two lions.
Really I think everyone should have their own coat of arms. Mine perhaps would be a hedgehog and a piece of cheese.

It's amazing to think that people once lived here.

Queen of Scots stayed at Craigmillar a few times! Though once you visit a few castles though you realize that nearly all of the surviving castles had housed royalty at one point or another.

Huge fireplaces!
No idea what I was doing here, I just like the picture.

Am I the only one who thinks old latrines are fascinating?
Ya, I thought as much.

This is the inside of a dovecot:
It's where they kept the pigeons. Nope, not as pets, but as food.

So that was Craigmillar Castle! Where to next?


  1. Become a member of Historic Scotland - there are some fabulous properties around the place. Stirling and Edinburgh Castles of course - but also Dirleton, Tantallan, Loch Leven Castle - enjoy!

  2. Yes, I agree old latrines are fascinating, lol!

  3. These pictures are fascinating, and it is hard to imagine folks living in these!

    I didn't see hedgehogs - but check this out -

  4. Polli - I actually am one! This is the second property I'v been too but I'm looking forward to exploring some more.

    Michelle- phew! I'm glad it's not just me.

    Tamdoll - Cool idea! Hmmm.... Maybe I should make my own coat of arms....