Saturday, June 26, 2010

How to start a twitter account

I love twitter. I love how it connects communities, and that you can talk with someone who has the exact same view point as you, or an entirely different outlook on life. I love how it's almost a living entity; full of thoughts, feelings, and information from around the world. But enough of what I think...

What is twitter?
Twitter is a social network. Everyone on twitter can post anything they want, as long as it's 140 characters. You can either post updates or musings, or talk with anyone you want (there is a block function though). You can also "follow" people, meaning that once you follow someone everything that is being said by the people you follow shows up on your homepage.

Signing up with twitter is very simple:
1. Go to and click "Let me in".
2. Type in all the required fields. Pick a good username. You can change it later on, but it might confuse your followers so it's not very advisable. On twitter someone's username is very visible, and when people talk to you on twitter they refer to your username, so make sure it's one you're comfortable with. Also pick a good password (do not pick the word password as your password! hackers always try these first). When you're done click "Create my account."
3. The next step just suggests popular people you can follow. I would start by adding a few people (like, say, 5) you're interested in, like maybe a news source you'd actually like a source from. You can go back to this later, I'll explain tomorrow.
4. Click "next step: friends."
5. You can skip this and go to "others" if you'd like.
6. Type anything you're interested in, like "crafts" and it will bring up the popular people with that keyword. If you want to know more about a particular person you can click their name (right after the @ symbol) and it will bring them up in a new window. You can go back to this later, I'll explain tomorrow.
7. Go to your email and confirm your twitter account.

And you're done!

Tomorrow I'll talk more in detail about how twitter works, and a few things that you should do before you start wildly following people.


  1. I am on twitter but end up using FB & Raverly more. I did link my FB, AIM, Myspace, and twitter together so I can go to one place to update all my status at once.

  2. I don't know if I'll join ~ but it's really interesting to read your thoughts on it all. Thanks =)