Monday, June 21, 2010

Do I look deformed in this sweater?

Mini Me

It's me! You know how I can tell? The flyaway hair.

I'm only about 6 inches tall and knitted. My sweater was hand-knit, pants were felted and then sewn together, shoes are needle felted onto my feet (à la ironfoot), knitted hat sewn onto my head so it wouldn't fall off, bits of yarn sewn in, and of course I have a little felted flower in my hand. BTW, I'm wearing so many layers because I'm always cold!

It's made for Stitch London's one night exhibit at London's Science Museum Late event where there'll be an army of little mini selves.

I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures! It sounds like a fun event.


  1. Ack that is so cute! Love it. Have fun at the event!

  2. No!! Not at all, you look amazing, drop dead gorgeous in fact!

  3. That is so cute! I am following you back now! Cute Blog!