Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I hope the oven isn't tired

So I'm part of a weekly bake-along over on ravelry and last week's theme was pizza.

Yum! I used half the recipe for a smallish pizza, the other half was for bread.

I can't remember the last time I made pizza, and I was surprised how few ingredients and steps were needed. The hardest thing was the ten minutes of kneading, which actually felt like 20. But you know, it wouldn't hurt me to develop better upper body strength.


And then on Sunday J was having a bit of a bad day and requested a dessert, so I made Brown Sugar Chew.
Brown Sugar Chew

This week's bake-along is Rice Krispies Treat (really easy, feel free to jump in and join us). I had to go to a large and slightly more upscale grocery store than the neighborhood ones to find marshmallows, apparently it's a US thing (like microwave popcorn)...

It was a test of willpower to wait until they were cool!
rice krispies treat

And that was all in the last few days, and I just might make another pizza very soon (have I mentioned already that it was really yummy?).

Has there been any baking lately in your kitchen?


  1. mmmmm yeah, homemade pizza isn't really that hard hey! I bet you will be making it more often now right?

  2. Yes, definitely! It's like making banana bread (just measuring and mixing) with 10 minutes of kneading (fold, punch several times, repeat), waiting for it to rise, and then you roll it out instead of pour it.

  3. I'm always baking!

    Brown sugar chews sound delicious

  4. I love homemade pizza! Your creations look yummy. I am trying to not make lots of hard! Lovely blog!

  5. Homemade bread is the best! I've got to make pizza sometime soon - I used to make it ALL the time, without topping, just olive oil & seasoning & then everyone used it as focaccia bread & made their own sandwiches with it. Yum!

  6. Found your blog via Ravelry. Your hedgehogs are adorable!

    Love your backing photos, you have made me HUNGRY!

    29ways (ravelry)