Sunday, March 14, 2010

It's spring!

Yes, spring!
Purple flower

J and I took a walk on Saturday. It was one of those guide-book walks with tidbits of information that you have no recollection of after.

As per usual we enjoyed the architecture.

A cemetery was part of the walk itinerary. Supposedly there were some mildly famous people's graves in this cemetery, but we didn't go searching for them. Instead we pondered the meaning of life, and thought about how at one point in time the local gravestone salesman must have been pushing obelisks:

Obelisks in graveyard

And I took more pictures of flowers.

There will be no miracles here
We also visited the Dean Gallery in Edinburgh.

When I got home this felted bracelet was dry.
felted Bracelet
It's made of dyed merino, the white streaks are bamboo fibers I added.

Right now I'm working on some felted flowers.
Felt Flowers
They aren't done yet. I'm still not sure what they'll look like when they're finished.

A felted vase with a rolled brim. I'm quite pleased with the brim (had to needle felt that).
Felt Vase

I'm also now caught up with the crochet along. I tried to follow Rocky's advice and stick with one color range. And I think it helped a bit. But it still looks like it's been hit with the ugly project stick.

And, to top off the nice weekend, I just made some shortbread (bakealong).


  1. Ain't spring grand?

    Love the 'no miracles' sign. Those Scots, they're dry.

    And nice work on the felting!

  2. Thanks!
    It is grand! Like a piano ... (it's getting late here, excuse me for my weirdness)
    And, as a comment sidenote, I just looked it up, and the sign is by Nathan Coley and it's "taken from a 17th Century royal proclamation made in a French town believed to have been the frequent site of miracles."

  3. Eeek that no miracles sign; haha!

    And heyy that scrumble is getting there! I'm loving what's happening on the left side (picture-wise) :]

    Those flowers are beautiful too! I didn't know you lived in the UK?
    I found you through getting to know That Yarn Store better, after they shut down the store. I don't think I ever met you there, but I missed having such a cool yarn store close to me when I lived in Eagle Rock. And what's funny, is that my now boyfriend mentioned he used to know the people who ran the store, and such! I'm not sure if you knew him, but his name's Miguel. :]

    Anyway keep up the awesome work with what you do! Wish I could make neat bread and creations like yours!!!!

  4. Thanks!
    Yup, I'm living in Scotland for the time being! I can't remember names. Is there a picture of him online?
    Rocky, you should join the bake along on ravelry!
    I don't really know what I'm doing either baking-wise either, but the nice thing about the bakealong is that I have an excuse to try!

  5. Beautiful pictures. I can't wait till the weather is dry enough to walk around here. You had me laughing with the "ugly stick" comment. .. but it looks nice!! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

  6. Thank you Tamdoll. We've been fortunate to have some nice weather lately. The nice weather will come your way soon!