Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lovely Spring Day

I had a lovely day today. I went to the spinning and weaving guild's open house in the morning. I didn't get to speak to people who helped me learn last time I was there, I have a weird thing against interrupting two people in a discussion. But, I did buy this:
Lamb's wool
100 grams of lamb's wool. And I bought A LOT of other fibers too, but I'm most excited about the lamb. Last week I checked out the Beginner's Guide to Feltmaking by Shirley Ascher & Jane Bateman from the library and one of the projects in the book is a simple little 2D(ish) sheep, and the lamb's wool looks perfect for the project, not to mention an amusing choice. I'm a fan of the sheep.

In the afternoon Jessamy and I took a walk along The Water of Leith, which is actually not that far from where I live, but I hadn't made it over in that direction until today.The water of leith

ummm, I thought I was in Scotland.
Water of Leith
It was a lovely day for a walk, so lovely in fact that I actually took my coat off at one point (gasp). I guess it really is spring. Horrah!

Of course this means that I really should finish Jessamy's gloves, because it's going to be summer before I know it and J would probably feel a bit silly if, after all my hard work, I make her wear the gloves out into the outside world during the hot(ish) summer months.
So ... I'm giving myself a deadline of Friday to finish them.
Gloves knitted WIP
I think I can do it. Probably. Maybe.

Anyone else have any self-imposed knitting deadlines coming up?


  1. Those gloves look amazing. Deadlines are good, I think, they definitely help me get things done.

    I have no knitting plans for the near future but expecting an hour tomorrow away from home, so I'm going to start some mittens for next fall - maybe a bunch to sell in a local boutique... I will just have to see what yarns I have and what I can make with them.

  2. Thanks Tamdoll.
    I've just learned how wonderful mittens are... Have you thought about making glittens or convertable mittens. They are a bit more effort, but very handy.