Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Felted Flowers

Yesterday I took a felted flowers class. The teacher has a studio near my flat where she works on her projects and teaches classes. Her website is called .

I made a trumpet flower:
Felted Blue flower top

And here is what it looks like in the back.
Felted Blue flower bottom

And this green one.
Green felted flower

I know I could have done some flowers on my own, but sometimes I just want to be shown what to do, ya know.

She also has a drop in time where people can some and use her tools for a set fee. And, she has a spinning wheel in the studio! I don't think she really knows how to spin, but I'm going to go tonight and see what fiber havoc I can start.


  1. Those are beautiful! I see a chain behind the green one--is it meant for a necklace?

  2. Thanks liz! No, the chain is just there because the teacher asked me if I'd like to use it, and I never pass up free things. So not a necklace, but there is a safety pin on the back for safety pin action. The safety pin was free. Or technically more like a bonus since I paid for a class.

  3. Hi Thea. Your flowers are gorgeous, I love the colours. Thanks so much for the great comment too, Karen